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The team, founded on December 13th 1992, worked since the beginning on either, university exams and collaborations with the University and professional studios.


After their graduations the members of the team had independent experiences in several cities as Milan, Stuttgart, Rome but continuing their relationship and teamwork with collaborations and international contests. 


During the years they specialized in the representation of architectural projects, modeling technique, rendering and layout. 


Their individual experience ranges from urban master plan to the architectural detail thanks to their synergy and new external collaborations. The team is able to face different problems with care and professionalism acquired in the course of the years. 


The long collaboration with the architect Franco Zagari, from 2000 until today, led them to treat with extreme sensibility the theme of external spaces, environment and landscape with an experience that extends from the private garden to the public park with particular attention to squares, and generally to the public space.


The famous quote: “from the spoon to the city” totally reflects their work ethic and mission that each member conducts with passion and enthusiasm in all fields with the same determination and passion.

The team is currently working in Rome and Milan on several projects and collaborations

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GD-ARCHITETTI                    Architecture  and  Landscape

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